Backport dependency

I’m currently working on creating a yunohost package to install libresonic (a web-based media streamer) and I have a question.
This app can be deployed using a war file on top of tomcat8 application server. So I’ve added tomcat8 as dependency in install script.
My issue is that libresonic war need to use jdk8 to be able to work.
openjdk-8 ils currently in jessie-backports repository. Only openjdk-7 is in jessie stable.
Is there a clean way of installing this dependency with the package ?
Should I better install oracle-jdk-8 ?
Thanks for your advice.

Hi and it’s good news that you are packaging libresonic.

Yes, you can install openjdk8 from backport. You must just create a backports.list with the URL of the Jessie-Backport Repos and then you move this list to the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder.
You update then and you do an sudo apt-get install -t jessie-backport -y openjdk-8

(like in this package :

I hope that will help you,

PS: Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand.

Thanks for the quick answer and reference.
I will have a look at this package. I wanted to be sure this was allowed at install time.

It works perfectly. I will make a new test on clean yunohost install so I’m sure it’s OK.
Then I will validate that functionnal is OK with openjdk and oracle-java is not needed and so I will be able to publish soon the package.

cf. Libresonic - A free, web-based media streamer