[AdGuard] AdGuard Home package for YunoHost


I am just looking for people using AdGuard Home in their Yunohost server.
Is the package GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/adguard_ynh: AdGuard Home package for YunoHost currently working ?
How is the load of the server with such king of app ?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a “test Yunohost server” to make a trial :frowning:



Je suis à la recherche de personnes utilisant le logiciel AdGuard Home sur leur serveur Yunohost.
Est-ce que l’application GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/adguard_ynh: AdGuard Home package for YunoHost fonctionne ? Quelle est la conséquence en terme de charge sur le serveur ?

Malheureusement je n’ai pas de “serveur Yunohost de test” pour faire des essais :frowning:

Merci d’avance pour vos retours !


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Hi !

Since pihole isn’t maintained anymore, i just installed adguard on a neat subdomain on my server.

It works but… some stuff don’t work. As i stated before about pihole : nothing is logged, no client is detected, no stats at all are recorded anywhere. But blocking works… I wonder if there is a fix to this, let’s ping @ericg who maintains it, and i’ll open an issue on github too.

Anyone else having any issue with adguard ?

Sorry I can’t help you. I’m not maintaining Adguard (I’m just pushing fixes).

Damn, by any chance do you know who maintains it ?

No one in particular I guess… As for the statistics, I don’t know how long since you installed Adguard but the statistics may take a while to appear …

Well after some more testing it appears adguard does not work at all. The domains that appeared blocked in my tests were just coincidentally unreachable, nothing i do to my network seems to do the trick…

What i don’t understant is that adguard suggest to use some_local_ip:54 as DNS server IP but neither the router nor the network resolver on my laptop accepts :54 at the end of the DNS address, and DNS request seem to usually use port 53, not 54. Anyone can clarify anything ?

Same here… Just installed, but it binds to localhost indeed… I think it’s just better to keep a separate RPI for these things. How unfortunate.

I restored pihole which works out of the box, despite the logging and displaying problems that i stated here. It would be great if someone took back maintenance on pihole…