Pihole not logging or displaying anything

I posted in the original pihole app thread but it does not seem very active… I’ll repost here in a new topic :

I thought pihole was not maintained anymore (as the app page says), but it got a major aupdate like a month ago (in my case 3.3.1 to 5.6). Someone took the maintenance ? Anyway it is quite broken since the update : no query logs, 0 client, 0 blocked domains, but the app is functioning… Any patch is coming ?

J’avais posté dans le thread de l’app pihole mais il est pas très actif…

Je croyais que pihole n’était plus maintenu, en tous cas c’est ce qu’indique toujours la page de l’app dans l’interface admin, mais il a reçu une mise à jour (et pas des moindres : des 3.3.1 à 5.6 dans mon cas) il y a quelques jours… Quelqu’un a repris le flambeau ? L’admin pihole est par contre un peu pétée depuis : plus de query logs, 0 client, 0 bloquage, pourtant l’app fonctionne… Un patch est prévu ?

It defaults to no logging in that big update. I thought there was a problem too when I upgraded.

Check if it’s enabled:

  • go to YUNOHOSTDOMAIN/pihole/
  • Settings
  • In the Danger Zone! click the enable query logging

Query logging is currently enabled so nothing here, and it does not tell me why no client or no blocked domain appears…

EDIT : topic is closed so i edit my ast reply. I found what is broken without much understanding : in the admin panel query logging was enabled, but when entering this command via ssh and it magically put stats and query logging back online : pihole logging on

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