Accessing yunohost server via localhost / local ip (direct LAN access)

I should mention I absolutely love Yunohost, it’s a great solution for someone who wants to set up a server that doesn’t have sysadmin expertise.

Can someone please explain the steps to get Yunohost so the URL looks either like:

I’d like to be able to access using both the direct IP/localhost and the domain.

I know others have asked similar questions and I’ve read all the responses. I don’t understand the solutions.

Please provide step-by-step instructions. Assume I know nothing about DNS and I’m not a linux sysadmin, otherwise I would not be asking this question. Thank you in advance!

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Are you still having trouble? What do you have Yunohost installed on? A Raspberry Pi? Virtual machine?

I tried the very same and failed until now to access “apps” locally. Unfortunately my French is very, very poor, so i didn’t find other posts which may can help.
Yunohost is installed on a C.H.I.P. (wrks very well) and the Admin Interface is accessible through an local IP. But as soon as I install an app (I provided chip.local as Domain) and try to execute (click on the link) it resolves to something else (an entry I assumee to fill in at Installation but not to find in conf-files).

there is a way to access to your YunoHost via the LAN (if your internet access is down, or just to get a fast access) by changing the “host” file of your computer.
By doing that, you still enter your domain url, but your computer will know it must go directly to 192.168.x.x

Is it what you want?

could you explain how?

I may be understanding the request in this topic. I think the idea is to allow for a Non-Admin user access in the same network without requiring it to use an external DNS server to access though a domain as it is generally used one from external network servers.

As it is, Yunohost allows for a admin access using the server IP and a non-admin access using a domain. My ISP, for example, is changing the routers features for home users, not allowing for a DNS loopback. This means from inside my network i can no longer access as a non-admin user, only as an admin one. If i try to access as a non-admin user, then the Yunohost redirects me to the chosen domain which is resolved in a third-party DNS server. The network and the ISP blocks the loopback.

Can the option be added where, from inside the network, the user login accessed in a certain domain without requiring an external DNS server to resolve the domain? Is there another way to configure it?