A git-like app natively into yunohost?

I would like to get a git-like service install in my yunohost. Is it yet available? If not, do you have some recommendations about how to install such service in a raspberrypi yunohost?
Thnaks for incoming help

I don’t have any git server on my server, but it seems that there are at least 3 git servers available :

I think Gogs is the lightest of those, but I am not sure at all, you should test them :slight_smile:

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thank you! Framasoft uses gitea but i will try gogs

Gitea is just a fork of gogs. Actually I’m the maintener of gogs but I might stop the mitenance of gogs and help to maintain gitea which is better in my point of view.

See Gogs : migrate to gitea

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Thank you Jose. So Gitea :-DD