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As the maintainer of the gogs app I’m thinking about migrating to the gitea package. I think migrating to gitea could provide many new the features that are not in gogs. See here for more information about that. I also think that it could be good to make one better package than to maintain to 2 package which do the same things. Actually I maintain gogs and I see that some fix in gogs are not reported in gitea.

Following the discussion in gogs package issue. I decided to make a topic here to discuss more with more people about that.

My purpose is :

  • Make a script which provide a solution to migrate from gogs to gitea without to lose any data.
  • Stop the maintenance of gogs and help the maintenance of gitea and improve the package.

I make a pool to know what do you think about that.

What do you prefer ?

  • I want to stay on gogs in any case
  • I would be happy to be able to migrate to gitea by a script
  • I already use gitea

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What is the best app for you (only about the upstream not the yunohost package) :

  • gogs
  • gitea

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Is there the possibility in Yunohost to declare a package as “replacement” for another ? Or is the only possibility to give a warning in the admin interface ?

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I forgot to add this gestion (which could be also interesting) :

What is the app that you use actually ?

  • gogs
  • gitea

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I think not really. We can write this in the ready, force to set the app level to 0 mybe, and set as unmaintened.

If someone vote “I already use gitea” then its obvious, the user don’t use Gogs. And if user choose “I want to stay on gogs in any case” , then the user uses Gogs. So its no point in asking this question :smile:

@rafi59, as the maintener of gitea what do you think about this idea ?

After reading the yunohost issue, it should be better to move to Gitea.

I do not use any of theses apps but there was a similar issue when a project changed its name from LBCAlerte to Cheky. I choose to not work on a migration script and to have to migrate the old school way : manually

The old package is still here and there was putted in state no_working. See https://github.com/YunoHost/apps/blob/master/community.json#L697

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une discussion a ce propos ici https://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/5jqlcm/gogs_or_gitea_which_is_more_active/

je n’ai pas de chapelle et rien contre gitea (que je n’ai jamais essayé)
mais je me sers de gogs tous les jours (grace au travail de @Josue, merci pour ça!!) et je n’ai jamais ressentis le besoin de changer, j’imagine que je ne suis pas le seul. Tout ça pour expliquer que faire un packet gitea, pourquoi pas, mais abandonner le packet gogs je ne suis pas pour, en tout cas tant que gogs est maintenu, c’est forcé les utilisateurs a switcher.
évidement le script de migration c’est la cerise, je ne me rend pas compte de la difficulté de cette tache.

pour moi ce qui ferra la différence entre toutes ces alternatives git c’est la fédération !!


I made a migration available here : https://framagit.org/YunoHost-Apps/gitea_ynh/merge_requests/38

For now it really for testing, so don’t try a migration if you don’t have some good technical knowledges.