2023-02-18: major maintenance of YunoHost services like diagnosis

Following several power outages in December, the main infrastructure of YunoHost hosted by Globenet will physically change datacenter on Saturday, February 18th.

There will be at least one outage that will last all morning, where the following services will be affected:

  • website and documentation
  • system and app update list updates
  • remote diagnostic features
  • creation and update of domain names provided by YunoHost (.ynh.fr, .noho.st and nohost.me)
  • the service to determine the public ip of its server
  • the donation page and the @yunohost.org mails (in particular to stop a recurrent donation or to make a security report)

It is not excluded that the stop lasts all day or even the weekend.

A follow-up of the operation will be available on the Globenet incidents and interventions page at https://info.globenet.org/


It’s finish and yunohost.org is alive. :partying_face:

If you have problems feel free to crate support topic.