Zotero and TagSpaces have been added to apps in progress

Hello everybody,
I made two apps for YunoHost: ZoteroSync and TagSpaces

ZoteroSync allows you to sync your Zotero library and files using phpZoteroWebDAV (live demo available). I know phpZoteroWebDAV is an old tool that is not maintained anymore but it looks robust and easy to implement so I gave it a go. Use it at your own risks!
At the moment it is multi-instance but one install per library. If you want to give each user his/her own Zotero sync library, you need to install several instances of the app, each with its own API key corresponding to each user. It is not ideal but it is the way phpZoteroWebDAV works at the moment.

TagSpaces is a self-hosted alternative to Evernote. It allows you to tag and manage files and notes. It is only a viewer/manager so it does not store data on its own. To use it, you must link it to your own data source (local or OwnCloud app folder). This link is stored in your web browser so it is not made for the whole YunoHost app! You will need to redo the link on each browser as well.
Also note that TagSpaces is multi-platform. For example, I use it on a OwnCloud folder which is synced with my Android tablet, Android phone and desktop. The way TagSpaces works makes it easy to move from one platform to the other.

Feel free to comment or contribute :smile:


Thanks for your apps!
Could you add thoses apps to this page.


Thanks, I tried with a pull-request. Hope it worked! (I am not very experienced with Git)

I have some problems with my ZoteroSync at the moment though: I would like to protect the app but still let standard http auth login (like a htaccess). My app has a WebDAV file and I would like it to behave like the OwnCloud one but I don’t really get how to do it? When I put unprotected-uris, the whole app becomes unprotected.

Do you know if there is a way to have this sort of HTTP auth login with the SSO users please?


@scith I tried tagscpces , but after adding the location path the folders in not accessible. There is no dialog for credentials for entering the owncloud username and password. I also can not create any new file .

Thanks. You are trying to access an OwnCloud folder is that right? If so, have you followed the steps mentionned on the Git or on the official post?
I just updated my readme file because it was confusing. You should not put the domain name, only the OwnCloud path (eg “/owncloud/remote.php/webdav” )
If you want to use a folder, create it in OwnCloud first and then put as path “/owncloud/remote.php/webdav/FOLDER”

Is it working?

Usually it asks for credentials after that, but for me it didn’t so I suspect if you are already logged in on YunoHost you don’t need to login. This would need to be tested though but I don’t think OwnCloud would allow TagSpaces to use WebDAV anonymously anyway

Perfect, its working now. Thank you for packaging wonderful app. It do not require to credentials after you logged in once.

Does the webdav version works for windows,linux and android applications ?

No I don’t think so because the self-hosted version can only fetch local WebDAV.
However, the force (and weakness) of TagSpaces is that the tags are stored in the file names, meaning that you just need to sync the data to retrieve all the tags!

So if your OwnCloud tagspaces folder is synced with your desktop or even your smartphone, you can add it as a local directory to your TagSpaces software and it will work! :smile:

Personally here is my setup:

  • TagSpaces folder on my OwnCloud account synced with my desktop, my laptop and my Android tablet and smartphone (using FolderSync app)
  • TagSpaces Windows app on my desktop and laptop using the local synced folder
  • TagSpaces Android app on my tablet and smartphone using the local synced folder
  • TagSpaces WebDAV self-hosted for when I’m on the go

Hope it helps

Hi Scith
I am so addicted to TagSpace. Can you please tell me how to configure the FolderSync with the owncloud tagspace folder.

Thanks for this wonderful addition.

Hi, thanks :smile:
FolderSync is just an app that allows you to sync a local Android folder with a cloud folder (such as your tagspaces folder on your OwnCloud).

  1. Install the FolderSync and TagSpaces apps on your Android
  2. Create a new WebDav (OwnCloud) location: yourdomain.tld/owncloud/remote.php/webdav (for example)
  3. Create a folder pair with your local Android folder and your tagspaces folder
  4. In the TagSpaces Android app, add your local Android folder

They should be synced now :wink:

Hi, I just updated the source with version 1.10.1 for TagSpaces. See changes in the blog.

Hi Scith

The TagSpaces WebDav losses its location on loging out from the yunohost and loacation has to be re-added on every login.

Is there any solution for that ?

Hi, strange because it doesn’t lose the location for me.
However, bear in mind that TagSpaces’ locations are stored in your browser storage only! So if you use a private browsing tab, clear the browser storage, change computer or browser, it won’t keep the location.

That the reason, I use private browsing.

Hi, I have just updated the TagSpaces app to download the latest release automatically at install or upgrade.
Plenty of changes recently: https://github.com/tagspaces/tagspaces/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Regarding Zotero, I think I will drop it for now as I can’t manage to make it work

Thanks @scith for the update. Its working great.

Hi @scith
Can TagSpaces web work with Nextcloud?

Hi, yes but I haven’t managed to make an automatic link.
Also both apps should be installed on the same domain
Then you just need to add the nextcloid directory in tagspaces. If tagspaces is private, there is not even the need to add the username and pass, it will be able to access the WebDAV directly

@scith Tanks for the information.