Zoom alternative

Hi, I’m looking for an alternative to zoom hosted in yunohost.
I will have 10 users or so in the same time.
I saw that jitsi couldn’t be easily packeged for yunohost and nextcloud talk required all users to have a very good Internet connection since every user wil stream to all the other users one by one.
Thanks for the help

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Thanks @ericg, I had a look at the documentation and it seems really good. The only thing it is missing is an android client. I’ll go for it and begin testing it before the big family meeting.

I’d be curious to hear how this goes!

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Yes, please share your experience! Video chat is a major feature missing from XMPP, so I have been sort of looking into doing this too.

The major issue I think would be about Galene’s TURN server. Would that work if it is hosted on a home connection behind a router? It says on their FAQ:

Galène says Loopback test failed

This indicates that Galène couldn’t reach any TURN servers. If you’re running the built-in TURN server, this may very well happen if you’re behind NAT and your NAT device doesn’t support hairpinning. Please don’t run Galène behind NAT, or use a better NAT device, or use a TURN server that is not behind NAT. (emphasis mine)

Native group video calling is coming to Matrix-Synapse server in a month or so. First showcases seem very good performance. You might hold on until this comes out…?



I know there is an open issue in XMPP to make Audio/Video calls work, but I’m not sure that XMPP can do group calling like Zoom and other types of things.

I think the OP is looking for something more like Galene & Jitsi. Something that anybody can join to have video chats together. For myself, I’m using Signal as my video chat solution…for now.

I’m interested in Galene too, but don’t want to install it just to be bogged down with coturn/stun issues. A coturn/stun server built-in to Yunohost would be pretty nice for a lot of these types of services (XMPP, Matrix, Galene, Nextcloud Talk, etc).

If you are behind a NAT, the problem is often that the ports are not open in your box …

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The Matrix-package installs coturn/stun, does it not? I do have those services running anyway, and I think they came with Matrix.

Besides that, NAT should nat be a problem when enabling IPv6 on your Yunohost and DNS, would it?

@wbk @arkadi Coturn is packaged as an app:

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