Zap Installation: Problem with SSL


I’ve installed YunoHost on a Linode. I successfully installed Humhub and accessed it without problems.

When I installed Zap, however, my first attempt to access it (in Firefox) yielded a message complaining about the certificate (which, stupidly, I didn’t record) and which offered no way to make an exception. I got around this by changing my “Network Settings” in Firefox to “No Proxy” – this allowed me to click past warnings and forge ahead using “http” instead of “https”. I setup a Zap channel for myself this way and posted something to my stream. When I tried to follow my Zap channel address on my Mastodon account, however, Mastodon issued a 503 error: “Remote SSL certificate could not be verified”. I’m pretty sure that this means, at the very least, that my site will not federate properly.

I’m not sure what I need to do next.

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