Zabbix latest is 6.4.7 Yunohost latest is 5.0.38



i have installed a new zabbix App Installierte Version: 5.0.20~ynh2
Zabbix shows 5.0.38

Is there a roadmap to update the package to zabbix 6.4.x

thanks in advance

cf Upgrade to version 5.0.38 by github-actions[bot] · Pull Request #57 · YunoHost-Apps/zabbix_ynh · GitHub and Frequently Asked Questions | Yunohost Documentation


I was also looking into it, but the initial maintainer of this app has stopped working on it. So we need to find someone with time and abilities to upgrade the app.

Actually there is work for last Zabbix version, on another PR : Version 6.4 by lapineige · Pull Request #46 · YunoHost-Apps/zabbix_ynh · GitHub

But keep in mind that all of this relies only on unpaid work from :hugs: amazing vonlunteers :heart: from our community :wink:

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