Yunohost without hosting email?


Hi fellow hosters,
I’m using my domain name for email in a professional service, so DNS MX records are already directed elsewhere. Naturally I don’t want to self-host mail myself, differently from my website and many other tools.

But many Yunohost apps require sending mail to Some of them even have a necessary installation step, and you cannot proceed or configure things without email.

Can I use my existing mail instead of
Or should I just create this mail account in my mail server, and somehow configure just outgoing mail in yunohost?
Or maybe I need a subdomain just for mail?

I suspect it should be quite a regular case - almost nobody advises hosting primary email at home.
So how are you dealing with it?

I use my Yunohost email internally only–that is, only to interact with other users of my server and to receive administrative notifications. I simply installed Roundcube (and/or Rainloop), configuring it to use my server email address, and I can read the admin/root emails.

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Almost nobody advices hosting anything at home :stuck_out_tongue:

Your first user account is set up with aliasses for root@domain etc. Did you know you can configure a forwarding address in your user account?

Otherwise, you can disable mail functionality at the domain level and read mail to root (etc) locally/ via webmail (as suggested by @mikaelv )


Or, if you current email provider supports it, you can setup a SMTP relay