Yunohost : what is the best hardware config


In 2021, I would like to change my YunoHost hardware to something more sustainable. The equivalent of the Fairphone project for my beloved server. Aka could change every part by myself.

I recently read that a person find is hard drive broken during the holidays. I tell myself that even if I have backups everywhere it would be a failure that would bother me a lot.

So why not order a hard drive as a spare and with appropriate harddrive made once per week a clone from hard drive A to hard drive B. This makes an additional backup and makes the remplacement easier.

So in the idea I would like to know what is necessary as minimum hardware for the operation of YunoHost.

  • Graphics card (better for visual access if SSH is dead).
  • RAM
  • Hard disk
  • USB
  • Processor
  • Mother card
  • Card network
  • Card control
  • Fan maybe ?

In this way I tell myself that if I have an element that break I can only replace that in the box which will serve as a “computer” for my server.

Have any of you tried a similar adventure?

Thanks for reading me.
And sorry if my English is not correct.


Hi there,

In 2021 i want to change my YunoHost server on something more lasting.

First please apologize for my bad english. It is not my mother tongue, but after the last meeting of contributor i could read


What is you current hardware configuration ?

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It totally depends on which applications you plan to use, the number of (simultaneous) users…
Yunohost runs even on a Raspberry Pi Zero, but few apps will be at ease with that hardware, even with only one user.
You need to define that first (at least a wage idea).

Apart from this, here’s some general comments, assuming you are talking of a “complete” PC and not an integrated chip like a Raspberry Pi:

  • you don’t need a graphics card as long as your CPU as an IGP (an integrated graphic processor) to manage the display. All of them are powerful enough to display a basic desktop or web browser
  • the fan totally depends on your configuration and cooling needs. Some configuration are fine with passive cooling.
  • you need to be able to install Debian 10 on your hardware (Yunohost is currently based on Debian 10). By that I mean it should be supported by Debian 10, which is probably the case for most configurations.


In this project, i will be able to change for example the RAM card if it’s not enough.

For my data, now i only have a 100Go disk and all data is on an external disk.

It’s interessting that i no need graphical card.

In fact it’s more a project to have possibility to change each part infitny when i needeed (like burn or to old or to light to made Yuno and my apps work properly).

I will try to take in touch with some technical store local