Yunohost setup with FritzBox "MyFRITZ" dynamic DNS and own Domain CNAME alias

I would like to setup Yunohost Services behind my FritzBox router and make the services public available…

The idea is to use the dynamic DNS services MyFRITZ… So i have a “static” domain pointing to my vDSL IP and via port forwart to my YunoHost instance.

I will add a own Domain and set the CNAME to the “cryptic” MyFRITZ domain name.

So the question is: What’s the best choices of hostname of the YunoHost instance?


  • YunoHost instance hostname: “ynh
  • that will result into the local domain name: “
  • the public MyFRITZ domain name looks like: “
  • The real public domain via CNAME is: “

Should i set the YunoHost instance hostname to “” ? Or leave it to “ynh” ?

What’s the best choice here?

no one has an opinion?

Eeeeeh does the hostname matter so much ?

In fact, Yunohost will automatically define a hostname when you run the postinstall using the domain you chose … Not 100% sure how it works, I think if you define “” it will use subdomain as the hostname … But it also kinda depend on what exactly you’re talking about, because there’s the hostname, the short hostname and the pretty hostname …

From what I know, the hostname is merely “cosmetic” ?

From what I know, the hostname is merely “cosmetic” ?

Hm. Yes. Seems so, that’s not relevant here…

My setup worked now. Let’s Encrypt work and access work. Everything is fine :wink:

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