YunoHost servers unreachable

It is happening several times this morning that the YunoHost website, documentation and, therefore, all of the packages and scripts it hosts, are unreachable.

Installation on a new server fails, I needed to reset the machine and try again from scratch.

Are there any information on the stability and availability of YunoHost services? Is there a status page to monitor whether there are some outages?


I was able to open the pages I needed only in a 30 seconds frame during all morning.


My Server is unreachable since at least .5h, 1.5h ago it was still online.

My server at * is also unreachable. is down too so probably this is the problem.

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YunoHost servers unreachable

Same issue here : domain name unreachable but direct IP request works.

YNH diagnostic states that my domain name does not exist or is expired…

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It’s good, it’s accessible again.

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still does not work here (DNS error)


Same issue too with domain. My domain it’s unreachable but direct IP it’s ok.
YNH diagnostic states that Some DNS records are missing or incorrect for the domain (basic category)

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It works here

Our main server got rebooted for some reason, services should be up and running now


Thank you @Aleks for the information.
I wasn’t at home to check my server or internet connection.
my reflex is to come on the forum to fish for information when I notice a malfunction of my server.

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my server is still unreachable.
if accessed via ssh, i received this error:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service not known

while via browser the error is:

This site can’t be reached’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.


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I still have the same error. It works with direct ip adress, but my domain ( is not reachable.

Hmmm I’m battling with some port forwarding … DNS resolution for / / should be up now (modulo cache issues on your sides) … but maybe the port forward rules will break again … I will keep an eye on it


was just able to access my server again!
thanks. :heart:

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