Yunohost regen-conf


I’m trying to figure out what really does the option --list-pending for the command yunohost tools regen-conf… I very quickly looked at the source code and saw that these files are put in a pending folder.

In my case, it only shows files that I have modified. And it doesn’t show the update to dnsmasq (i.e. shuffling again the DNS IPs). So, this option could more appropriately be name --list-modified

So, is it used in other cases? After some kind of manual update?


I didn’t even know this option existed, it’s probably just here for historical reasons and I don’t see any huge motivation to have such an option

What are you really trying to achieve

Well, I find it useful to have the list of files yunohost believes were modified by the admin user.

In addition, maybe it is less fearful to run a command like --list-pending than --dry-run? :wink:

And finally, the output is also more concise…

Well — I don’t know…

With --dry-run (or even without, since the files won’t be changed), the output takes much more lines but is also more explicit. So maybe the list-pending could be removed, since this sounds/looks like an internal state.