’s _own_ XMPP ⇔ Matrix bridge is laggy / est retardé (Aria Bifrost)

:us: / :uk:’s own (Bifrost) bridge between Matrix and XMPP (e.g. <> and is very laggy today.

I noticed messages from Matrix arrive cca. 7 minutes later to XMPP – incl. the timestamp, so they display out of order.

For messages from XMPP to Matrix I noticed a (sub) 1 minute delay – but they keep the correct timestamp, so magically pop up between already delivered messages.

On a related note, I could not even join any MUC on earlier today due to the server not being accessible.

(pardonez mon mauvais français, svp)

Le bridge/pont(?) de même entre leurs Matrix et XMPP serveurs (e.g. <> and fonctionne très retardé.

Aujourd’hui j’ai noté que les messages de Matrix à XMPP arrivent cca. 7 minutes en retard – inclus leurs horodatages, et donc ils s’affichent dans le désordre.

Les messages de XMPP à Matrix arrivent (moins que) 1 minute en retard – mais leurs horodatages restent vrai, et donc ces messages de XMPP apparent comme magique entre des autres messages ainsi transmises.

À propos, je n’ai pas pu joindre quelqu’un MUC dans plus tôt dans la journée en raison de l’indisponibilité du serveur.

:uk: / :us:

Next day…

3 test messages from XMPP to Matrix:

  • a few seconds delay
  • a few seconds delay
  • a few (more) seconds delay (still less then ½ minute)

3 test messages from Matrix to XMPP:

  • cca. 7 minute delay, delivered out of order
  • cca. 7 minute delay, delivered out of order (even relative to the other test message)
  • cca. 67 minute delay!

Matrix reports: 554 users in the group
XMPP reports: 321 users in the MUC
(This is similar to yesterday, just forgot to mention it.)


Le jour suivant…

3 messages test de XMPP à Matrix:

  • un délai de quelques secondes
  • un délai de quelques secondes
  • un délai de quelques secondes (plus que les autres deux, mais moins que ½ minute)

3 messages test de Matrix à XMPP:

  • cca. 7 minutes de délai, livré dans le désordre
  • cca. 7 minutes de délai, livré dans le désordre (aussi rélatif à l’autre message test)
  • cca. 67 minutes de délai!

Matrix rapporte: 554 users dans le groupe
XMPP rapporte: 321 users dans le MUC
(C’est la même chose qu’hier, mais j’ai oublié de le mentionner.)

If anyone tackles this, while you’re at it, it may be fair to mention in the Matrix/XMPP channels/rooms that they are bridged, but not with IRC anymore.

:uk: / :us:

Just tried again and there’s a delay of 4-5 seconds in both directions – that seems acceptable :slight_smile:

The massive mismatch of number of users persist though; currently:

  • 556 users according to Matrix
  • 342 users according to XMPP

… but the cause of this could simply be that Matrix counts inactive users as active.

Thank you, whoever fixed this :kissing_cat:


J’ai juste essayé encore une fois et maintenant le délai est 4-5 secondes – ça me semble acceptable :slight_smile:

La difference énorme entre les numéros des utilisateurs persiste; maintenant c’est:

  • 556 utilisateurs rapporté par Matrix
  • 342 utilisateurs rapporté par XMPP

… mais la cause pour ça pourrait simplement être que Matrix compte des utilisateurs inactifs comme actifs.

Merci a ceux qui l’a réparé :kissing_cat:

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It seems to work fine now again.

Thanks Maranda for both working on fixing it and running the bridge and the yunohost MUCs all this time as a donation-based service.

This are the relevant updates from

23/01 We have been sorting out post-migration issues with the Kubernetes Cluster network fabric integration into our internal WAN infrastructure which may have caused service intermittence, sorry for the inconvenience.

18/01 We finished migrating the cluster, we’re slowly bringing back up every service as we speak.

18/01 We will be bringing down our instant messaging services at around 12:00 CET to migrate our Kubernetes cluster, sorry for the inconvenience, we will provide eventual ETAs during the migration.

16/01 We resolved an issue that caused streaming updates to not function properly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

15/01 We cleared up old media bigger than 50KB and accessed before 2022/12/31 23:59.

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I notice lag again (10 minutes and counting). Glad to hear Maranda / Aria is on it though.

Matrix to XMPP is dropping some messages right now.