Yunohost on a Western Digital PR4100 4 bay in raid 5

Hello !

I got a My Cloud PR4100 at home. There is plenty of disc space, the half is used right now. And I’d love not loosing this data !

So my question is : could I install yunohost on that machine ? As the actual system is really bad, I’ll try at least to install nextcloud only.

I got acces via SSH. It’s an intel pentium from 2015, so no decode option for h265 nor VP9, that’s bad as I’m a filmmaker.

For the moment I even don’t have access to docker : Docker and Portainer for OS5 - #20 by CptCurk - Community Developed Apps - WD Community
Not working for me.

do you think that could work ? Any idea ? That could be so cool as the proc is quite efficient and powerful enough with 16Gb of RAM.

Thank you !

if I were you, I would install yunohost on another machine (old pc, VM, raspberry PI, …) and I would mount an NFS share provided by your nas on /home
With this config, all your data would be safe on your NAS and you would be able to install several apps on your yunohost server

That’s somehow a good idea, I’d love to get anyway nextcloud on my NAS, as this OS5 is quite bad for my use.

But I do have a server on my raspberry Pi4B. My purpose would be to make double the data of peertube to get two time the bandwidth. But for that if I succed to get docker running, I can only get peertube standalone next to nextcloud.

I’ll check your idea more deeply.

Okay, I now understand what you mean and said.
The first time I missed-read.

What I’d like to do, is a backup on my WD mycloud. Do you know how I could manage to do that ? Some idea where I could dig ?

yunohost backups are stored on /home/yunohost.backup
on your yunohost server, you could mount an NFS share from your nas to this folder: the backups would be stored on your nas

I mean, the backup is actually done on an external hard drive.
But is there a solution to do it either on the hard drive, and on the NAS ?

you can mount an nfs share from your nas to your yunohost server (whaterver you want), and copy the backups in this location (with rsync for example)