Yunohost Migration Plan

I’m planning to migrate my yunohost instance to a new vps.
The plan is:

  1. backup all the system and apps to an s3 bucket mounted on /home/yunohost.backups/archives
  2. install debian 10, followed by yunohost on the new vps, and mount the bucket on /home/yunohost.backup/archives
  3. Instead of postinstall, restore the backup

My questions are:

  1. The admin password will be the same of the old server?
  2. The hostname of the machine is the domain, do i have to set up the hostname or will be set up with the restore?
  3. Do i have to set the ip of the new vps on my dns zone before or after the restore?
  4. During the backup/restore what happens to emails received? Will i miss some emails?
  5. Should i shutdown the old server during restore procedure?
  6. I have ipv6 set up on my server, do i have to configure again on the new server or the backup has this config?

Hi ~

  1. Same password as the old server!
  2. The second one (the hostname is set when you choose a main domain)
  3. I would backup the old server, copy the backup to the new one, shutdown the old one, restore on the new one, and then update the DNS.
  4. Emails received between the backup and the restore will be probably lost. If you shutdown the old server after the backup, the mail should bounce back to the expediter and they’ll be able to send it again later, once you have changed the DNS.
  5. The services I host don’t need to be accessible at every time, and to prevent data loss, I would shutdown the old server straight after I copy the backup, so services are down and there will be no new data to loose. But it’s up to you.
  6. I don’t think your network configuration will be in the backup, you probably have to configure it on the new server.
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1.don’t remember my original installation, but doesn’t the admin password set with postinstall?

As the backup/restore part, i think what you suggest is the right method, backup, then shutdown the old server, restore and then update dns

thanks for your answer

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  1. You’re right. But it’s in the backup and it get changed during the restore.

Regarding Nextcloud, does yunohost backup create command backup nextcloud app and data?
Because i don’t see nextcloud on the running output and the size of backup is 135GB of data and i have almost 285GB of space used on my vps

I recall Nextcloud is backed up without data, by default. That would explain the difference. I am looking for the switch to include data, but I can’t find it.

Ok, so i will backup all my nextcloud data on my computer, migrate all the system and apps and then upload again nextcloud data.

So, i’m trying to restore, and it gives me “Error: YunoHost is not correctly installed. Please run ‘yunohost tools postinstall’”

I don’t understand what wrong.

ups, wrong command

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