Yunohost logo/overlay not showing on Nextcloud


I have a little issue with Nextcloud : the logo “Yuno” with access to SSO interface show up on every services but Nextcloud. I looked at nextcloud.conf and the line “include conf.d/;” is here.

The problem is that users have no other choice than Disconnect from Nextcloud and login again to access other Yunohost apps.

Any idea about this ? Thank you for your help ! :slight_smile:

If your Nextcloud app is installed at the domain root, then it is a known bug (#285), for which a pull request is awaiting approval.

But anyway, users don’t have to disconnect from Nextcloud, they just have to browse to the portal URL.

Probably a problem with CSP (Content Security Policy).
As I understand, it’s a security instruction communicated to the browser by Nextcloud. And something goes wrong… I don’t heaven know why.
So, if you are using a modern browser as recent firefox, you will encounter some JavaScript bug, including YunohostPanel. (Try with a crappy browser… Works like a charme :frowning:)
The issue is already open in the github repository.

Thank you for those informations ! I understand no why it happened with my firefox but not with my mobile phone…