Yunohost, La Brique Internet and VM


In the context of the “La Brique Internet” project (1) (2) would like to go a bit further than just offering an OpenVPN tunnel, we’d like to offer a small Virtual Machine preconfigured with OpenVPN but where our user could do more than juste getting a public IP, for example having backup storage, secondary MX, things still working while the brique is offline, etc…

Of course this would need some work on Yunohost to get full advantage of the setup.

What do you think of this setup? What kind of service should we provide? How could we synchronize with Yunohost roadmap ?

Thanks in advance,



I think I would do it the other way around…

Since the tetaneutral VMs provide :

  • 24/7 availability
  • high throughput
  • replicated data, with snapshot capabilities, thanks to the ceph cluster

then for tetaneutral it might make more sense to provide yunohost VM directly within the tetaneutral infrastructure.

La Brique is then nice for :

  • providing a neutral network at home (with vpn+hotspot)
  • duplication/backup of data somewhere else
  • secondary MX
  • what else ?