Yunohost keeps redirecting to wrong site path



I’ve been using Yunohost (4.1.8) for a week and have been running into a strange issue with access urls.

I have my main domain, and a Custom Web App + SFTP pointed to it. I made a mistake and accidentally set the access url to **** (by entering /www under “path”), and set the domain root to the application . I changed it back to just ****, but the redirect still happens, bringing me to **** and throwing me a 404 error. I can change the path to anything, such as ****, or ****, and the app would show up, but changine it to **** gives me a 404 error.

I’ve tried resolving it by removing all my domains and re-adding them, removing all applications and re-adding them, restarting all the services, and even restarting my server. None of these have worked.

Can anyone here advise on how I may fix this? Thanks!


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