Yunohost just stopped working the day after

Hi all

i have installed yunohost on raspberry pi 2 using the script. I have registered the domain, i can install applications, access the applications. Then I went to sleep and woke up the next morning, I cant access the user front end.

However, I still can
*access and connect via SSH
*access admin panel via IP address

Error message from google chrome -This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
I have also tried different browsers and no good.

What can I do to fix this? or which log file should I look into to get more information about the issue.

Regards and thanks in advance.

I have tried restarting the nginx service - sudo service nginx restart - no go
I have tried restarting yunohost-api - no go

I have checked all the services and they are all running (except bind9)

Hi all
the same thing happened. I reinstalled, it works and now it doesnt work anymore. The only different thing I do is installing FreshRSS.
But FreshRSS was working fine and accessible.
I tried rebooting but it doesnt make any difference.

I can access admin panel but not front end.

help please

This is really puzzling

I reinstalled fresh Raspi2 image and installed only official applications, worked for a while (i dont know how long) and when I try the next day, it just no longer accessible through my domain name.

I can still access the admin panel and checked all the services are running.

Please help.


Are you sure your domain return the good ip ?

When you say you succeed to get admin panel, this was directly with your public ip and not with your domain ? Or may be with the local ip ?

Hi @ljf

Yes the TLD registered with and I ran the DNS checker and it points to the right public IP.

I can access the admin panel when I am on my local network (or via VPN) pointing to raspberry pi local IP which is 10.0.0.XXX.

When I ping the TLD, it resolves correctly and pointing to my public IP, but I dont get any ping return.

Hope that helps.


Are you able to access it from outside your LAN?

hi @tiemay
not sure which one are you referring to? I cant access the user interface to access the apps from inside and outside of my local LAN.

I have checked my port forwarding is correct, DNS is set up properly also as it points to my public IP.

Not only the user interface, but for Android client such as OwnCloud also stopped working due to this issue.

As mentioned previously, I can access the admin panel with no problem at all in or outside the LAN (via VPN when outside)

@kwetiaw you mentioned bind9 in one of the above posts, is that what you’re using? It seems bind9 was replaced by dnsmasq. YunoHost 2.2 released

Hi @tiemay

I dont think my yunohost uses bind9 (as per troubleshooting guide stating bind9 is no longer in use) yunohost troubleshooting guide

I downloaded and used official yunohost raspberry pi image.