YunoHost install on Intel NUC

I have a friend interested in running YunoHost on his newly acquired Intel NUC. Guess-work might indicate that the kernel does not want to play ball with his network adapter. I have attached a link to the network adapter in question below.

He tried to install Ubuntu 17.04 on the machine, and it found the network adapter just fine. Since it’s a “common” NIC, could it be issues with PCIe interface? If so, would there be any workaround? Would Debian 9 work? (The NUC it self)

Can you specify the NUC model ? I work a lot with NUC but there are a lot of different configurations !

Here you are

Hello @antaeusdk,

I’ve just acquired that model for a family backup server.
The Debian 8 default kernel doesn’t support the Ethernet adapter, but Debian 9’s does :wink:
I guess you can also get it working by using kernel from backports.

I think my friend gave up on the idea and installed Fedora server…

So… nevermind. Thank you though!