Yunohost Forum Summary emails suddenly doubling

I’m subscribed to the YunoHost forum summary e-mails; a summary arrives once a week if I haven’t visited the forum often enough.

A few weeks ago I started getting two identical summary e-mails. This week I got four.

Is this happening to anyone else? What’s the right place to bring this up?

You can set this in the settings in your profile. In addition, I think it would be better if everyone who uses Yunohost looks around the forum a little for the purpose of exchange and maybe even to be able to help with problems from time to time. Or tips. That’s my take on moaning about how much email you get!

Das kannst du in den Einstellungen in deinem Profil einstellen. Zudem empfinde ich es als begrüßenswerter, wenn jeder, der Yunohost nutzt auch dann sich ein wenig im Forum umschaut zwecks Austausch und vielleicht gelegentlich sogar helfen zu können bei Problemen. Oder Tipps. Das ist mein Standpunkt zum Maulen, wie viel E-Mail du bekommst!

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Haha I think you’ve misunderstood me a bit :slight_smile: I received the same summary email sent four times at once (within a minute). This is clearly a bug in the forum mailing list service. And I’m not sure where to report it. Kein Maulen hier!

Exactly the same here - two identical summary e-mails for several weeks and this week four.

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:scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat:

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Same again today, but with only four duplicated emails.

On my side, it used to be a duplicate only for a few months, but these last weeks it got better, it turned up to be 4 identical emails, and today is the record as it was 16 summary emails ! :sweat_smile:

Anyway it’s not a big problem so we can laugh a little and wish good luck and thank the yunohost devs that will probably solve this at some point.

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J’en ai reçu 16 le 17/06.

I received 16 duplicate emails.

Hey, I also have this problem and I don’t know what to do


Ici aussi, j’en ai reçu 13 aujourd’hui, ça va peut-être nous porter bonheur :sweat_smile:
Les semaines précédentes également…

same thing over here, any news about it? Could it be something related to partially implemented ipv6?

Update: I haven’t had this problem in months.

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