YunoHost for managing reverse proxy

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

I am considering using YunoHost as a replacement for my local web server (based in server rack at my home).

I currently have quite an extensive homelab setup that uses Ajenti for NGINX Reverse Proxy management.

I have numerous servers for different applications (self employed full stack developer, work from home with 2 remote employees). All my applications are running off 6 different domains (but will need capacity for more in the future). They are as follows:

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter > PFSENSE hardware firewall > Ubiquiti Edgeswitch 24 port in server rack > :

  1. NITROGEN (Ubuntu 18.04: i7 2600k, 16gb RAM, 480gb SSD, Dual Gigabit onboard)
    The server currently used exclusively for Ajenti and NGINX reverse proxy.
  2. HELIUM (Ubuntu Server 18.04: Dual Xeon X5680, 24gb RAM, 2x240gb RAID0 SSD, 3tb drive for larger websites, 10Gtek 4xGigabit PCIE )
    Web/Web Development Server
    Currently bare bones with all sites managed manually on a custom stack (because of varying use case scenarios). This server is used for development and showing development sites to clients through two different domains (.codes and .dev TLD’s). This is the server I would be looking to reformat to use for YunoHost.
  3. ARGON (Windows Server 2016: Dual Xeon X5680, 48gb RAM, 26tb across 11 drives, with 120gb SSD boot, 10Gtek 4xGigabit PCIE)
    Media & Application server.
  • 7 other machines in the house backup to here nightly using Syncthing.
  • Jellyfin Media Server (in Windows).
  • GitLab CE (virtualised).
  • Mattermost (virtualised).
  • Huginn (virtualised).
  • Netdata (virtualised).
  • Docker (virtualised).
  1. BERYLLIUM (Ubuntu Server 18.04, i5 6600k, 32gb RAM, 480gb SSD, 4tb storage, single gigabit)
    Misc and testing new apps.
    Regularly reimaged.
  2. KRYPTON (SnapServer XSR120 - 16tb)
    Misc storage/backups.
    Not often switched on owing to the obscene amount of noise it generates.

I have 1gbps up/down home internet connection with no restrictions and a static IP (based in central London).

My question is this: could I install YunoHost on HELIUM as a replacement for my web server, but use it to manage the proxy config through to ARGON for the few other important web apps I host there? Currently ARGON (Windows Server) is configured with simple internal port forwarding through to the virtual machines. Some of those I would migrate to YunoHost as the apps they run are available through YunoHost, but others would remain there. All machines are on 24/7 so no issue there with having to spin it up/down when needed.

Using HELIUM for the proxy config and hosting web apps/development would also then allow me to repurpose NITROGEN for my Nextcloud install (currently hosted at Digital Ocean, all work files backup/sync there and it is used by 2 additional employees - getting very expensive owing to the volume of data. Would also prefer more redundancy).

The main goal here is to make my internal setup a little simpler to manage. Currently it is very time consuming to manage all websites manually on HELIUM, which can be a frustrating distraction when deadlines are tight.

Do you think YunoHost is viable for this use case scenario? Also, how is compatibility for my NIC cards?? They work out the box on Ubuntu 18.04. How is the out of the box security/hardening on YunoHost?



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Use the app “redirect_ynh” with “to ip” option.