Yunohost for a full storage/backup/cloud server


Hey everyone,

I an trying to make my own cloud server, for work and personal use. I am not very experienced in this. I have used a Synology NAS for 3 years. Now I want to built my own.
First I have installed FreeNAS, but it’s a bit heavy for me for a daily use. So I was very happy when I discovered Yunohost :slight_smile:
It seems to be a great tool for my need, but I would like to check with you if what I plan to do is the best way to do it. Where I have a lot of question is, how do you manage your storage with Yunohost ? From what I understand, that is not something you do with Yunohost, so you need an extra layer of software to do it before Yunohost.

What I need :

  • Run apps, with Yunohost (Nextcloud, music manager, photo manager)
  • Large storage capacity with redundancy
  • Full online backup on Crashplan

What I have :

  • i3 6100 PC with 16GB or ram
  • SSD 32GB for system
  • Hard drives

What I plan to do :

  • Install Debian 9 on the SSD, with the graphical interface, for now
  • Mount my internal drives on Debian (some drives are HFSplus, it should works apparently)
  • Make a raid volume with Debian
  • Make AFP or SMB share on Debian for my local network
  • Install Crashplan on Debian to online backup everything
  • Install Yunohost on Debian
  • Use my drives and raid volume with my Yunohost apps

My questions :

  • Does it make sense ?
  • I have a 32GB SSD, a slow one like 35 MB/s read/write speed, it is OK with Debian ?
  • Can I manage the graphical interface of Debian from local/external network, like in VNC mode ? (sorry if it is bad formulated)
  • Can I plug a USB HFSplus drive on my Debian machine, and it will read/write on it ? Apparently yes but it seems to good to be true

I know all that is a bit beyond Yunohost, but any help is welcome !
Thanks a lot !

Est-ce que devrais poser ces questions en français pour avoir plus de chance d’être lu et répondu ?

No, english is better

Yes (note i don’t know crashplan)

Yes probably

Generally we don’t setup debian with a graphical user interface. But if you need it i think it could be possible (not so much tested)

About VNC, you can create your VNC server in parrallel of yunohost, but you need to it yourself (no vnc app package)

You probably need to setup some config manually to do that.

Thanks a lot, I am doing it this week and keep you posted here.

Everything is working for now, Yunohost is really an amazing thing !

Generally we don’t setup debian with a graphical user interface. But if you need it i think it could be possible (not so much tested)

Using Debian with a graphical UI means that the server will be less power efficient ?
Will I be able to disable the graphical interface after I’ve installed everything ?

I have try to create a samba share on debian, but my mac is not able to connect.
Does Yunohost is conflicting in creating a local samba share on the debian machine ?

Thanks a lot !


A little update :
Finally the setup would be to use OpenMediaVault AND Yunohost on my server. Maybe it is unlogical but it would be the only way to do that:

  • SMB share on local network with OMV
  • Backup system and data local+remote with OMV
  • Easy app install with Yunohost

Apparently not a lot of people need that, but I do.

What I did:

  • Install OMV
  • Change the OMV GUI port to ip:8001
  • Install Yunohost
  • Yunohost is working
  • OMV is not reachable anymore at ip:8001 after YH installation :disappointed_relieved:

Can anyone knows why ?
Can OMV and Yunohost lives together happily, like having the 2 GUI working at different port ?
Maybe it does not make sens.

A shame I can’t find a way to easily create and manage RAID and SMB with only a Yunohost installation.

Thanks a lot!

If you want raid+smb with yunihost you need an hardware raid and set up samba manually, unfortunately.

Under OMV, you can run YunoHost through Docker. Check up the new Docker images I suppose.