Yunohost for 100+ users

Hello. I’m thinking of installing a Yunohost instance, with around 7-8 apps, for a single non-profit organization, with around 100 associates and a few more related people. The usage would be for internal communication, projects managing and document storage, so all those people will need their own users.

Do you think Yunohost will hold up this number of users? Do you have any recommendation about the host dimensions (mainly RAM and CPU of the machine)?


I think that, yes, it should be able to handle 100ish users. The primary concern should be about security I think, because there’s a general principle that you should reasonable trust your users before giving them access (and even more if you give them SSH access). Basically a user which is sufficiently tech-savvy and wants to mess up with your server might easily find ways to do so.

In terms of CPU / RAM, I think it mainly depends of things like, “which applications exactly do you intend to run” and “what’s the average and peak number of users which will be using the server at a given time”.

But basically I think a 2 or 4-CPU machines with 4 Go of RAM should already be a good start for 100 users (assuming e.g. there’s 10 users in average doing stuff)

Thanks very much for you reply.

The intended apps will be mainly Nextcloud for documents sharing and a wordpress blog. Perhaps we’ll add later a chat, a project manager and a calendar or even a wiki. The peak user estimation you say seems reasonable.

We trust our users quite well, since they are all members of the association, we know almost all of them in person and in general we are in a good mood, so i think the risk of intentionate attacks is low. However i’ll take the security into account as seriously as I can. I think we have more risk of an user breaking things or deleting data by mistake, so i’ll think of a strong strategy of backups.

The SSH access will only be given to a very small and controlled team of admins.

Okay, that looks fine then (imho) :+1:

I guess you should be pretty fine with a 2-CPU + 4 Go of RAM, or maybe lower but that depends of your budget and hardware / VPS provider :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, maybe 2 Go of RAM would already be good enough.

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Fine. My host provider allows to create a VM with 2Gb RAM, and then expand it as needed, without creating it all again, so it seems to be ok.

You’ve been very helpful, thanks again.

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I’m interesting in having some feedbacks, if you use Yunohost for this organization, maybe in a few months.
I’m thinking about using Yunohost for an association too.