YunoHost Documentation Workshop


This week end we are going to improve the documentation, all help is welcome !

You can join us during the week end onto Salle d’Accueil and on the official Yunohost documentation chat. If you need help to setup an environment to test your change, we could help you to do it with docker, but for simple change it’s not needed.

We will start Saturday at 10:00 CEST. We probably really coordinate us saturday at 14:00 CEST.

A kanban to follow our progression during the sprint DocathonApril2022 · GitHub (but may be only a pad should be better)
A pad: Instance Etherpad Publique de La Quadrature Du Net

Here are some topic on which we could work.

Improve app packaging documentation

The App packaging documentation is really outdated, we need to fix it to give a chance to new packager to succed in all packaging operation.

Landing page to include directly in Grav

In order to say byebye to simone homemade CMS, we want to transform the current homepage into a new one made with grav.
It could be the occasion to improve this home page to and remove some old data.

Best of forum’s how-to:s

This forum contains a lot of how to, we should copy 30th of them into the official documentation. May be some tuto need to be improved too.

Misc improvements in existing pages such as using the tab mechanism

Some page of the current documentation still not use the tab mechanism to make the page shorter and more acurate on the user need.

The tab mechanism allows to display different ways to do a same action in tabs (for example one for CLI, an other for webadmin). Other tricks like that can been found to improve our doc and don’t need a lot of yunohost knowledge.

Documenting reverse proxy setup / “multiple servers behind the same IP”

We have frequently question about how use yunohost with multiple server , we need a page to explain the most simple strategy.

Improve/fix weird behavior for the search bar?

Merge the doc for auto-DNS

Translate Multi-disk doc

Create a core contrib doc

We miss a documentation to help new contributors who want to make addition to the core. This doc could explain the global architecture of YunoHost, the process to do a first PR, the different way to get a dev environment, some explanation on different parts of the code, how to run test, what you should not missing, links onto easy tickets, etc.


Second day of our documentation sprint. We have moved on LDN’s Mumble server (NB: there’s a password !).

Feel free to join us !

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