Yunohost - Docker/Containerized App Packaging?

I believe the short answer is : no, it’s a hell of development work to integrate all this stuff and the various use cases.
Instead, when it’s available, we prefer to package apps with a native installation (which is often more reliable).
Side note: One could also argue against the huge extra storage space used “for nothing” by this tool, while many users use servers with limited storage (lots of raspberries and small VPS in our user base).
That’s a design choice, and I don’t think it’s going to change in the mid-term. Other tools like the one you quoted made different choices. If another solution fits your needs better, then that’s cool for you :wink:
Also Yunohost doesn’t come with only app packaging, but a whole server admin tool set, deep integration of some apps with Yunohost tools (such as SingleSignOn and LDAP).

As for the software that don’t even provide any other installation medium/instructions appart from Docker, well, that’s the shitty current state of software engineering ecosystem that focus on developer experience before user experience.

As for the packaging, we’re currently working on a way to make it more accessible :slight_smile: , and it’s getting simpler over time (packaging v3 long-term ongoing project).

PS : in case it’s not clear, this is only my opinion :wink:

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