Yunohost discovered for me

Hi Community

I found out about Yunohost by chance and am quite excited about the project

Since years I run a Nextcloud and a Seafile server on 2 different domains

Yunohost offers me the opportunity to run both on one domain.

Since there is valuable data on the servers I am testing the system extensively on a x86 system for now

When I started an update yesterday, the Seafile server stopped working after that

Seafile and Seahub were offline

No attempt to start it worked
Only an uninstall and reinstall made it work again.
And all data was gone …not good for a productive system

I know that Seafile is neither easy to install nor to maintain.

So this test was more than negative

It would be useful if you could exclude certain servers from the regular updates.
I have a version of Seafile running for years and it is ok
Maybe someone has an explanation for what happened during update

Hello, and welcome!

Your thread is more related to the Support section than Discuss one. To receive proper help, please use the post template you see when starting a new thread in that section.

Basically… follow the template and give LOGS! We cannot help you if we do not know what your server is telling you.

Note that before any upgrade attempt, apps are backed up. Check your backups, maybe your data is there.

No I do not need support
As I said, this is a test system and test data at the moment.
I just wanted to give my general opinion to the developers of Yunohost at this point.

You seem to be willing to help us, thanks for that, but my answer is the same. We will have no idea on what happened during the update if you do not share more information on your setup and the logs that were generated. Follow the template.