Yunohost causes entire network to become unreachable? Broadcast storm but not?

YunoHost 3.3.3 plus bas.

My YunoHost configuration

Hardware: i5-2400S 8GB DDR3 120GB SSD (Lenovo M91P-U) (x64 CPU)
Internet access: gigabit ethernet at home w/ pfSense Router
**YunoHost version:3.3.3
yunohost: 3.3.3
yunohost-admin: 3.3.1
moulinette: 3.3.1
ssowat: 3.3.2

If personalized, how: Installed “Portainer” thats it.

Description of my problem

Gong to begin that this is really stumping me?! Installed Yunohost on a random Lenovo M91P-U SFF PC, which had been connected to my network previously running Ubuntu no problem. Recently I began to run into issues with all devices on a switch becoming unreachable. After some diagnostics/trouble shooting I have determined that the it’s the Lenovo YunoHost box? It will be fine for a random number of hours and then it will seemingly stop my entire network from function to include preventing my Unifi AC-Pros from provisioning. Swapped cords, that didn’t matter. Moved the Yunohost box to to directly connecting to the pfSense box, that didn’t matter. Gave it a static IP, still crushes my network. Attached a USB network card to bypass the integrated NIC, and still the same results. I would log whats happening but from the outside it’s unreachable (network wise) and from the inside nothing seems to be a problem. If i hard reboot it, it will be fine for either a few hours or a few minutes before it goes full godzilla and stops my network from function (except those connections directly connected to the pfsense router).

I feel like the box is causing a broadcast storm but I am at a loss as it shouldn’t?

Any suggestions?