Yunohost broke my network

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 at home
YunoHost version: last

Description of my issue

Hello, I install Yunohost on RaspberryPi4. I add new domain on duckdns. Everything looks OK after installation.
But after a while I noticed I cannot access to my applications (with external ddns or duckdns address) that are installed in my miniPC dietpi (Debian 10) server when on WIFI.
For example I cannot access my Seafile server (https://… from my home wifi. I must use mobile internet.
What Younohost do to my network and how to fix that?
I turn off Rpi4 (remove Yunohost) and restore backup on dietpi but that don’t help.

I doubt that “Yunohost broke your network” … Could it be that you tweaked port forwarding on your router maybe …

Hi, thank You for answer. I don’t do anything with port forwarding after I install Yunohost. Everything is like before and Yunohost doesn’t exist but I still cannot connect to my applications from wifi. Meybe Yunohost disturb somehow my Nginx Proxy Manager? First when I install I add /yuno as subfolder to existing domain for my Home assistant instance but when this don’t work I use new domain from duckdns.

OK, I change DynamicDNS on my router.

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