"YunoHost Bot" can't handle spaces in screenshots

The YunoHost Bot hat generates the README just copy&paste file path with spaces to the markdown readme. The links doesn’t work and the screenshot are not visible, e.g.:

from: django-fritzconnection_ynh/doc/screenshots at f562bee766539a2a1ff06838c7997b55f7ce7c27 · YunoHost-Apps/django-fritzconnection_ynh · GitHub

As a work-a-round, i will rename the file names…

Because i didn’t know where the Bot source code is, i can file a issues on the right place…
IMHO it’s a good idea to add the “homepage” on the bot github user page to the right repository.

This is due to the fact that the links to not follow Markdown’s specs. cf. CommonMark Spec

Before even considering patching the bot, can you try replacing spaces with %20 in the links?

Think escape the spaces will work… (And IMHO the Bot should fill the title of the images, too.)

But i just rename the files with: Fix screenshots by jedie · Pull Request #13 · YunoHost-Apps/django-fritzconnection_ynh · GitHub

Where would it extract them from?

From the filename :wink:

e.g.: bx_django_utils/filename.py at master · boxine/bx_django_utils · GitHub

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It took me some time, but here is the README generator’s code: apps/tools/README-generator at master · YunoHost/apps · GitHub, especially make_readme.py

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Escaping will work, see: https://github.com/jedie/django-fritzconnection#screenshots

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