Yunohost blocks my IP when using Grafana

Hello dear Yunohost community, first of all I am totally enthusiastic about the solution! Thank you very much! I use the current version on a rented VPS server All wonderfully! I have Grafana installed, with Prometheus, Loki … Everything works wonderfully!
However, in some Cases Yunohost Block me, I think Fail2Ban block me out completely. Whenever I display in Grafana intesive dashboard. I can reproduce this. However, I can’t find my IP address in the Fail2Ban log file. If I come via another IP, I’ll have access again.
After hours, the train works perfectly again. Do you have any idea what this could be done and where I can make adjustments? Thank you!

Hello !

Add and fill in the Support template, with YunoHost and Grafana versions, specifically.

“YunoHost blocks me” is vague. Is there an error displayed? Can you maybe take a screenshot?

If indeed it is Fail2Ban banning you, let’s add your IP to the unblockable list: IP address unban | Yunohost Documentation


Thank You!

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