Yunohost behind au Proxy


Hello Yunohost team, and thanks for the great work ! I’ve got a problem and the information I found here where old (Debian 9).

My YunoHost server

global context : home hosting
Hardware: Laptop HP Probook 430
YunoHost version: 11.1.15
**I have access to my server : ** Through SSH, through the webadmin and if needed, direct access via keyboard / screen
** Specific context: ** My Yunohost server is behind an OpnSense box. I want the server to use a whitelist proxy to access internet (updates, app installation…)
**tweaking on my YunoHost instance ** : I use “systemctl edit yunohost-api” to add a HTTPS_PROXY environment variable

Description of my issue

I put Yunohost on a fresh installed netinst debian, behind a firewall/proxy.

I monitor on my firewall the way Yunohost server try to connect to internet (for updates for exemple).
After adding environment “HTTPS_PROXY” for yunohost-api, it correctly use the proxy and the app catalog is successfully loading.
But if I try to display the detail of an app, I see a git subprocess of yunohost-api who try to directly access to, without using the proxy server.

On the same machine, if I try a git command on after setting manually a “HTTPS_PROXY” environment, it correctly use the proxy server.

It looks like Yunohost-api doesn’t pass the environment to the git subprocess.

It would be great if you verify the way environment is pass to subprocess, or to inform how to configure a proxy !