Yunohost, backups on webdav

Hello everyone,

I use Yunohost for my company, especially for Mattermost. I’ve set up a backup system and I’d like your advice. I wanted these backups to be on a high-availability server. We have a subscription to Infomaniak’s drive, and as I don’t think I’ll ever use the 4TB, I thought this would be the right place with webdav protocol.

So I set up a webdav folder using davfs2 in my /media folder, created a script with Rsync (this script is in a /home/user folder) and declared it in cron to be executed every night at 3:00 AM.

Is this potentially problematic? is there anything better to do?

I haven’t yet managed to get the folder to mount on each startup, even putting it in fstab means I have to enter the password manually, but I’m still looking.

Thx all !

I had(have) a MEGA account and I mount it using their own mega-webdav but I think any webdav file system mounted would work (using rsync, rclone,…)

I used it to store backup files too (actually with borg as if it was a local storage). I had some random backup errors that I think were network errors, as if the connection dropped and/or was resetted. I can not confirm but working with normal files it just works. Eventually I’m using to store borg backups, so currently I can not be of any help to debug your problem

I let here my /etc/crontab just as reference, and yes I had problems to mount webdav using fstab :frowning:

# iniciar webdav
@reboot root mega-webdav
@reboot root mount -t davfs -o noexec /mnt/megaborg/

this mount works fine (just tested now). Local-IP:port are from mega-cmd

mega-webdav is MEGA’s cmd client I had to configure, it makes the same job that rsync in your case. Have you tried rclone? WebDAV Maybe it works better and you can add it to cron

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You don’t need to write your password of the cloud ?
What’s the difference between rsync and rclone ?

Ooooh rclone is so much better ! Thanks for the tip !
I don’t need to mount davfs2 folder, that awsome!

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