YunoHost as an upgrade on a Debian Wheezy Cubox server?


I am currently using a CuBox (i4 Pro) as a headless server running debian wheezy and providing services as : - NFS - mpd - transmission - owncloud - tahoe-LAFS.

I would like now to use it also as an email server. But, pfffffffeeew.

So, I am wondering if installing yunohost on the current configuration could ease the work.
Could mpd & nfs services still run ?
Any feedback about yunohost running on cubox hardware ?
Do you advice a total system clean install or just installing yunohost ?

Thanks !

Hi aoz,

You should install Debian then YunoHost then your own services to make everything works.
YunoHost should works on Cubox.


Two other independent questions:

  1. Can’t I use YunoHost only for the email server, and keep my owncloud & transmission as there are currently set up (if running with nginx) ?
  2. Will the YunoHost installation let me manage myself NFS, mpd and other services on the server ?

Thanks !

  1. Yes you can
  2. I can’t enlight you since I don’t know NFS and mpd.

You will be able to use NFS, mpd and other services safely while you keep their configurations away from YunoHost core.
In other words, we don’t have mpd or NFS application yet, but if one day we have, you will probably want to avoid installing them to keep your custom configurations.


And, if I have understood well, I could do the same with my Transmission & Owncloud current configurations. That is to say to install now YunoHost on my system (but do not install owncloud & transmission within YunoHost) and keep my current set up for those two services.

Let’s do another scenario: I save my current owncloud database, then do a new fresh install of Debian then YunoHost, then owncloud & transmission (in YunoHost).
–> Will I be able to import my saved Owncloud database?

Finally, is there somewhere a place where we can see what a your plans for future services/application integration within YunoHost?

Thanks a lot!

You can do things that way and you can surely import your OwnCloud database. Here you can see all apps packages.

Great !

I will give a try a soon as I find some time.

I finally found the time to install yunohost over a fresh installed wheezy.

I have set up my domain name & yuno password during the post install. But now, when I connect using my domain, it loops like this (just after password is entered):

What could I try to fix that ? Thanks !

In case it could help, here is my DNS config at Gandi:

@ 900 IN A
@ 900 IN MX 10
_xmpp-client._tcp 14400 IN SRV 0 5 5222
_xmpp-server._tcp 14400 IN SRV 0 5 5269

Could a “ù” in my password explain my problem ?

I have got many:

UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xf9' in position 1: ordinal not in range(128)
... in the "/var/log/yunohost.log"

The problem was coming from a special character in my password.

I have changed the admin password using the moulinette (yunohost tools adminpw) and now it is ok.