Yunohost and samba


I tried to share harddrive via samba and so I made an sudo apt-get install samba, samba-common on my yunohost server.
I conf the smb.conf. I add pi in groups, allwow guest, etc. and … nothing. $

the prob is that : I made that on others raspberry (but without yunohost) and that work perfectly so my question is "Is there a other thing to do ? (a ynohost configuration ?, open a port or something ???).

Note : seems also that samba reset user password. I had to recreate the pi account and my user password for yunohost? is that really a good idea to install samba ?? I have doublt now :smiley:


Hi @elekis,
I roughly had the same experiences with samba on yunohost. I also successfully set up a samba server on an ArchLinux, but unfortunately I didn’t make it on an armbian with yunohost.
I’m very interessted in solutions! Maybe someone in this forum might help us.

I don’t know much about Samba, but I expect it to need a port to be able to connect. So you should make sure that the port used by Samba is opened in Yunohost’s firewall… See yunohost firewall --help.

Indeed, opening ports 137, 138, 139 and 445 for both tcp ad udp fixed it for me.
But in fact I think that yunohost firewall allow TCP 445 should be enough.

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No luck with samba on rpi here too. Opening ports does not help :disappointed_relieved:
There must be something yunohost-specific, as I’ve done that easily before, without knowing much of networking.
Could it be ssh or dns related?

I am interested too if someone finds the solution.

Hi all, the only solution I found is to install Time Machine on my second raspberry (not yunohost).
if that can help (

I think it would be great to have a yunohost app to configure samba on yunohost, and make it simple to choose the shared folders and the rights on each one (readable only, writeable, protected with a password etc…).
But I have no idea of the difficulty, and have no skill to do that…
Maybe starting with a how to could help too, with example of the config file and explanation about access rights of folders and samba.


Exactly right

It seems I’m one step further:
In my smb.conf I changed to the following:

  wins support = no
  wins server =

and now I’m able to see my samba server in the Win10 Explorer. Unfortunately I cannot access the shared folders…
I’ll keep you posted if I find a solution.

Samba shares work well for me (Yunohost 3.3.3 => several stations on Debian)
Just configure the /etc/samba/smb.conf ; by example for a large access :
path = /media/cle
public = yes
writable = yes
guest ok = yes
comment = Documents YNH
and open the port 445 as highlighted by @jojo

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worked for me after enabling port 445
with the following settings:

allow insecure wide links = yes
unix extensions = no
comment = yunohost multimedia root
public = yes
browseable = yes
writeable = yes
read only = no
locking = no
path = /home/yunohost.multimedia
follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes
create mask = 0777
directory mask = 0777

Does using samba (as supposed in the comments above without password etc) and opening the port decrease my security?
And it is only accessable from my local LAN?

I setup samba as explained by @philj0st and @anubis (also opend Port 445) for /home/yunohost.multimedia/share.

Now I can browse the files but I can’t add new folder or files.
I found the chown command and as somewhere mentioned I set the ownership to nogroup.

Now I’m able to write to the folders but not from Nextcloud.
As I would like to have both, any idea/help?

Edit: solved it by editing the folder with chmod ugo +rw

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Yes opening port 445/TCP is enough

To make Samba accessible via Windows 10 (ref)

The SMB 1.0/CIFS Client Feature in Windows 10 have to be enabled

And here are also some modifications to make SMB more efficient than NFS (ref)

   unix charset = UTF-8

   server signing = no
   read raw = yes
   write raw = yes

   strict locking = auto
   oplocks = yes

   use sendfile = true
   max xmit = 65535
   dead time = 15
   getwd cache = yes

   use sendfile = true

   aio read size = 16384
   aio write size = 16384

And to limit the Samba to your local network

While that dont’t replace a firewall but it could help you could limit access to you localnetwork by adding this line: interfaces =

I have the same problem, I tried many possibilities, but nothing works. I can see the share, but when I click on the share type my use and password, connexion is refused.

Did you check the tutorial by @ljf : How to turn YunoHost into a NAS with Samba ?