Yunohost and nginx proxy manager BUT on another server in the lan

Just installed yunohost for the first time and it looks really nice.
Runs on a raspberry pi 3B+ and i just updated to on YunoHost (stable).
I have access to my server through SSH and the webadmin (local IP or https://yunohost.local) and there is no special context and i did not perform some particular tweaking.

My nginx proxy manager configuration seems ok:

3 other proxy hosts work, but the redirection to YunoHost does not.
If i try the local IP i can access the webadmin but when i try the propxy host i only get here:
“Congratulations! You’ve successfully started the Nginx Proxy Manager. If you’re seeing this site then you’re trying to access a host that isn’t set up yet. Log in to the Admin panel to get started.”

So it seems stucked on the npm-server.

I guess it is maybe the DNS-configuration on the YunoHost.
How does it has to look like when i use the Yunohost behind a nginx proxy manager?

Are you sure you have not made a mistake in the domain when you type it in your browser ? For me your configuration seems ok.

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