YunoHost (and Internet Cube) surveillance report #5

Collecting interesting news and information about YunoHost & Internet Cube projects. Read previous Surveillance Reports on the forum:


  1. New stable release
  2. Applications
  3. Vagrant Boxes and Developer tools
  4. Miscellaneous news
  5. Past events
  6. Upcoming events

New stable release

2.4 is out ! \o/
Few weeks ago we released a new major version of YunoHost, called 2.4.
Please read these announcements for detailed information:


News about app packaging in YunoHost 2.4 version: News about app management and packaging in YunoHost 2.4


Call for testing

  • a BETA version (as in “use it at your own risks”) for the Nextcloud package is available and is looking for testers: Note that the migration from ownCloud is provided and described here - which is also looking for testers! Thanks!

New GitHub organisation for apps

We have started to move all apps to a new github organisation YunoHost-Apps: Organisation YunoHost-Apps

Vagrant Boxes and Developer tools

We’d love to have more contributors to the YunoHost / InternetCube projects, but we’re aware that our codebase is huge, split in various repositories, and setting up a development environment is not really easy. That’s why we worked on the ynh-dev tool.

Basically it’s a wrapper around Vagrant and VirtualBox to create a local development environment. Read the full documentation for more information and examples.

Raw Vagrant boxes are available on Hashicorp Atlas

Miscellaneous news

  • Our meeting minutes are now published online on
    We have also started posting our meeting minutes on the forum and on the mailing list to create more discussion.

Past events

Upcoming events

  • [Presentation / Workshop] jACK4DIY @ Jardin d’Alice (Montreuil, near Paris) - 16th to 18th September
  • [Booth / Workshop] Open Bidouille Camp 2016 @ Nancy (France) - 1st and 2nd October

Participation in these events is not yet confirmed, do not hesitate to help us

Thanks to realitygaps for proof reading :heart:


Is there something planned around YunoHost for openbidouille camp Nancy?
I can be there so I can help for anything