YunoHost (and Internet Cube) surveillance report, #1

Gather interesting news and information about YunoHost & Internet Cube projects


  1. Intro
  2. Custom Webapp drops FTP support
  3. Helpers for app maintainer
  4. Discovered bugs
  5. Shiny bash
  6. Use Gulp for web administration and user interface
  7. Miscellaneous news
  8. Past events
  9. Upcoming events


Inspired by the Tor Weekly News ( ), I’ll try to publish this kind of report on a (not so) regular basis.
I strongly encourage every person who works on a YunoHost related project to fill this pad regularly, or to keep me posted with some news

Custom Webapp drops FTP support

Buggy and insecure FTP support in Custom Webapp ( ) has been dropped, and replaced by a web file manager working in PHP, called Cheryl

Helpers for app maintainer

Bootstrapped by jerome, ju & opi. We create some helpers in bash to make writing install/remove script easier. Example helpers could be ynh_password to generate random password, ynh_mysql_db_create, ynh_user_exists

Discovered bugs

Emile & opi showed that if a browser does not send any HTTP Referer, one can’t log into YunoHost because of a CSRF protection in SSOwat.
However, using HTTP referer for CSRF protection could be useless, as it can be spoofed.

Shiny bash

ju made some impressive work to cleanup every pieces of bash within the entire YunoHost codebase.
He starts with the installation script ( and continues with the moulinette (

Use Gulp for web administration and user interface

Gulp ( is a nice tool for frontend developpers; it allows tasks automation like concatenation, compression and linting for every web assets. opi starts to implements Gulp for the YunoHost administration interface, and thus reduces JS + CSS + images weight by almost 50%. Improving loading time could be crucial, especially for self-hosted servers.

Miscellaneous news

Past events

  • Braderie de Lille : Neutrinet folks set up a booth about Internet Cube.

Upcoming events

Working pad for episode #2 :

And for the late news of yesterday evening:

Fix searx app installation on low memory and some other architectures

The installation script of searx doesn’t compile lxml anymore that was either not possible on certain architectures or was causing the OOM daemon to kill the compilation process.

This also enormously improve installation speed.

Thanks for these news! Any plan on doing a YunoHost newsletter?

@scith : This unregular report can easily replace a newsletter; You can “watch” the announcement category to receive updates by email.