Yunohost and docker in the same network or machine

I have an old laptop running yunohost and a VM (virtualbox : debian 11 running azuracast (docker container), a webradio platform that is not packeged to yunohost) in a Windows 7 laptop.
Azuracast is accessible from the local network.

I was wondering what’s the best way to have them together online.
Both in VMs in the same physical machine? Let yunohost in its machine and azuracast in a VM? Install azuracast on the yunohost machine ? Install virtualbox in the yunohost machine and launch a VM?
May be another option?
Thanks a lot

So finally I got them running ok in the same network.
I installed azuracast on an old laptop (doesn’t need a lot of ram or cpu), and then installed a redirect app in yunohost pointing the IP of azuracast machine, and it’s working.
I’m using the webradio only in the local network (even though it’s working remotely, but I have a slow upload speed).
I’m planning to move all of this in a vps may be next year, I’ll try to think the best way to have them together.

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So, now you run with 2 laptops for this combination?

The most obvious way, with the puzzle as provided, seems to me the way you describe in the first paragraph: install Docker on Yunohost, use the Azuracast Docker image, and then use the redirect app to make it available. That would only need a single VPS.

Any idea about the amount of traffic the radio generates in a month’s time?

Any idea about the amount of traffic the radio generates in a month’s time?

This online calculator can be useful for that. Using mp3 at 320kbps (stereo) every listener will use 144MB per hour. A month is ~744 hours. A single 24/7 listener will use 107GB per month. With more listeners this number will be greater and with a single (normal) listener this will be smaller. Used bandwidth can be reduced with a smaller audio bitrate (most shoutcast radio stations at 2007 used mp3 at 128kbps) and if there are no iThings users listening that radio station opus codec can be used (at 96kbps gives same quality that mp3 at 320). I suggest a VPS with at least 5TB monthly bandwidth to use with radio station and Yunohost

And also read the ‘fine print’. Quite often, the advertised throughput is at a high bandwith, and after that the bandwith drops to a (much) lower speed. If the lower speed is also high enough (often 10 mbit), you know whether or not to invest in a large allocation or not.

Azuracast requires ports 80, 433 and a lot of 80xx. Yunohost already uses the first two ports, so it won’t work. Azuracast can be installed with non standard ports but won’t work correctly.
As I said, the webradio is for private use only, may be three maximum listeners at the same time. And will mostly use it over local network.
And it is possible to have more than one mountpoint with different rates

Depending on the network speed of the listener.
Installing azuracast over yunohost may break it, so I didn’t take the risk. I’ll make a try in VM.

I have set up two webradios, only one of them is streaming outside since I opened the port dedicated to it.

Then defined two mountpoint for each (aac64k and aac128k for one and aac64k and aac256k for the other)

It has an awesome player

And for easy access, I installed “custom radio player” from the store

I can have the stream from local network

What I’m trying to figure out, is how to make the two run in one machine. Virtualbox is not a good idea since it’s very slow. I learned about lxc lxd lately, I’ll read about it and try it as soon as I can.

I managed to get yunohost and azuracast work in the same machine. It took me a long time to get working.
I’m testing this for some time.
May be more experienced yunohosters could give me advices and recommandations. Some commands seem to be not recommended without saying why.
I wrote a blog post, a long one here :
LXC containers, azuracast and yunohost, how it worked?