YunoHost 4.2 testing

How many apps do you have installed?

  • In my VPS with 20 apps installed, the app list (🏠 / Applications ) takes 9 to 10 seconds to load.
  • In a Raspberry Pi 3 with 3 apps installed the app list takes 1 to 2 seconds to load.

only 3, but I will add more. It is a vps with 1GB RAM, generally quite fast, though

Now 6 apps including synapse and element and still same speed

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Quand j’installe une app directement depuis GitHub et que je répond mal à la question “êtes-vous sûr de faire cela ?”, il y a une exception Python qui s’affiche :

Je pense pouvoir fixer cela prochainement.

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On a RPI4 with 12 apps it take 5 seconds to load the app list

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I switched to the testing version. Issues I have noted:

  1. There is an inconsistent state with yunohost-admin still being at 4.1.4.

  2. The admin web page will not come up properly.

  3. The following message is repeated output to the console:

debug1: client_input_channel_req: channel 0 rtype reply 1

I have attached the full output of the upgrade session and a snapshot of the admin page.

upgrade_to_4.2.pdf (109.6 KB)

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Hmokay I’m puzzled by the webadmin still being in 4.1 despite that in your log it’s explicitly upgraded …

What happens if you run apt install yunohost-admin=4.2.0 ?


– apt install yunohost-admin=4.2.0
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
yunohost-admin is already the newest version (4.2.0).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

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I was able to fix the issue with the inconsistent version of yunohost-admin by forcing a reinstall:

apt-get --reinstall install yunohost yunohost-admin moulinette ssowat

Then after a browser refresh on the admin page, it’s now functioning as well. So everything appears to be okay now.

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when I click on an installed app, e.g. mautrix_whatsapp, the page is empty. No option to remove the app, etc.

Do you see any errors in the javascript console that may be related ?

Content Security Policy: Les paramètres de la page ont empêché le chargement d’une ressource à … (« default-src »).
TypeError: t.settings.path is undefined
    onQueriesResponse AppInfo.vue:241
    VueJS 4
    fetchQueries ViewBase.vue:69
TypeError: t.allowedGroups is undefined
    n AppInfo.vue:1
    VueJS 7
    VueJS 10

Hmindeed there are some funky stuff on the app info view when the app is not an actual webapp … though in my case with Borg Server the page does load, there are just some stuff not making sense

(maybe that’s related to the fact that borgserver doesn’t have any domain or path defined, whereas mautrix maybe has a domain defined, but no path defined)

Brand new installation on a VPS : success :white_check_mark:
(I have not yet installed anyhing on it, but I’ll try to migrate a few services to the VPS to test)

Grav’s installation form is not loading in the webadmin. However, Bludit’s works.
The console says:

TypeError: can't convert null to object
    keys index.js:390
    VueJS 3
    proxy index.js:397
    VueJS 3
    $v index.js:662
    VueJS 3
    i AppInstall.vue:1
    VueJS 7
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: e is undefined
    u yunohostArguments.js:17
    p yunohostArguments.js:63
    m yunohostArguments.js:165
    formatManifestData AppInstall.vue:110
    created AppInstall.vue:150

I’m stuck there, dunno if it’s the frontend or the backend.

Do you have any way to check the javascript console ? (Do you reproduce on a desktop browser?)

Actually yeah, here it is. Screenshoted because copy-paste doesn’t render it well.

BTW, there’s a “bug” where I got “access denied” when accessing http://my.tld/yunohost/admin for the first time after the update. It did not show the login page.
HTML/JS not being invalidated by the browser, I guess. Ctrl-f5 solved the issue and redirected me correctly to the login page.

Hello there,

somehow one of my Yunohosts is now running 4.2 testing. I haven’t actively switched to testing. How do I go back to the stable branch?
4.2. testing is running well, but I’d like to go back to the stable branch, possible when 4.2. turns stable.
How do I achive that?

Many thanks,

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