Yunohost 3.4.2 on SATA HDD

I recently reinstalled my internet cube from scratch on a olimex lime 1. I used the new method for installation as indicated here

I now want to move the system on a SATA HDD. I followed this guide

Running sudo flash-kernel, I get:
Using DTB: sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dtb
Couldn’t find DTB sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dtb in /usr/lib/linux-image-4.19.20-sunxi or /etc/flash-kernel/dtbs

In fact /usr/lib/ contains
linux-image-next-sunxi/ linux-u-boot-next-lime_5.71_armhf/
/etc/flash-kernel/dtbs contains nothing

While trying to solve the issue, i did a
sudo apt upgrade linux-image-next-sunxi
Which I’m not sure was a good idea

A dpkg -l linux-image* gives only
ii linux-image-ne 5.75 armhf Linux kernel, version 4.19.20-sun