YunoHost 2.6 testing

Hello everyone!

following the successful experience we had for YunoHost 2.5, we invite you to test with us the BETA release 2.6!

Our process is designed to increase the quality of Yunohost and ensure smooth evolution of the software. To achieve this, new features and bugfixes are carefully reviewed by several contributors before being accepted. To go even further, before releasing the new version as ‘stable’, we propose to open a public beta-test so that you can give us feedback and report bugs!

The beta period is also a good time to contribute to the translation!

Therefore, if you are an advanced user or have translation skills, you can help YunoHost :slight_smile: !

Since we do core review and testing before merging code modications, you should have a pretty stable version in result (no critical bug), but expect to have (small) bugs (that’s the point :p).

The 2.6 includes many important security fixes and improvement for SSOwat.

On the app side : many new helpers have been added to help the packaging ; app scripts are now ran as root ; and apps now have the possibility to ship a script to change the domain/url on which they are installed.

On the core side, the mechanics to later have global settings have been introduced (this will help in the future to customize/configure your instance) ; the backup/restore have been optimized and preparations have been made to later include Borg ; DNSmasq is now really used and DNS resolution is now made using the FFDN’s and other friendly DNS resolvers (cf. this list) ; a script has been added to easily reset the admin password if you’re logged as root ; and nginx ciphers were updated following the Mozilla ‘intermediate’ compatibility recommendation. We also started adding unit/functionnal tests to help the development process and increase quality and stability !

Many other small fixes/improvements are included, as well as translations updates.

:heart: Thanks to every contributors and translators ! :heart:

Major changes in 2.6


  • [enh] Introduce global settings mechanism (#229)
  • [enh] Refactor backup management to pave the way to borg (#275)
  • [enh] Use ssl-cert group for certificates, instead of metronome (#222)
  • [enh] Allow regen-conf to manage new files already present on the system (#311)
  • [enh] Add unit test mechanism (#254)
  • [enh] Include a script to reset admin password (#217)
  • [enh] Set main domain as hostname (#219)
  • [fix] Properly manage resolv.conf, dns resolvers and dnsmasq (#290)
  • [enh] Update nginx ciphers according to Mozilla ‘intermediate’ compatibility recommendation (#259, #298) (Note for testers : we moved away from the ‘modern’ compatibility since it was too tight for some hardwares like phones with old Android versions)
  • [enh] Allow apps to ship a script to change its url (#185)
  • [enh] App scripts are now ran as root (#188) (i.e. no need to ‘sudo’ in app scripts)
  • New apps helpers:
    • ynh_normalize_url_path (#234)
    • ynh_package_remove & ynh_package_autoremove
    • ynh_abort_if_errors (#245)
    • ynh_install_app_dependencies (and remove) with equivs (#247)
    • ynh_use_logrotate and ynh_remove_logrotate (#248)
    • ynh_no_log: (#230)
    • ynh_clean_setup
    • ynh_replace_string (#280)
    • ynh_local_curl (#288)
    • ynh_secure_remove (#281)
    • ynh_setup_source (#282)
    • ynh_webpath_available and ynh_webpath_register (#235)
    • ynh_mysql_generate_db and ynh_mysql_remove_db (#236)
    • ynh_store_file_checksum and ynh_backup_if_checksum_is_different (#286)
  • Misc fixes, and many updates in the translations !


  • [enh] Display help text from manifest during app installation. (#152)
  • [fix] Show version only when connected (#149)
  • Many updates in the translations


  • [enh] uses caching for hash to avoid heavy recalculation and process spawning (#84)
  • [fix] Use a cryptographically secure source of randomness (#79)
  • [fix] Use hmac_sha512 instead of md5 for cookie hashing. Don’t store the key in token anymore (#80)
  • [fix] Don’t include IP in token (#81)
  • [fix] Important security fix (issue 921 : CDA reveals arbitrary nginx cache content) (#82)
  • [fix] Important security fix (issue 918 : Basic HTTP Authentication bypasses ACL) (#77)
  • [fix] Fix tile not displayed when app is installed on root (#71)
  • Many updates in the translations


  • [fix] Use ordered dict for the actionmap cache (#136)
  • [fix] Show positional arguments first in --help / usage (#138)
  • Many updates in the translations

Full changelogs can be found here :

How to participate to the beta-testing

You can participate to the beta-testing using one of your YunoHost instance and using the testing repository.

Before jumping in, you should be fully aware that a beta may contain bugs. You should not use this on critical infrastructure. We also recommend to set up a good backup solution (ideally daily, and remote).

Convert your instance to a beta instance

  1. Open a root terminal
sudo -i
  1. Update your instance
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
  1. Setup the testing repository in place of the stable repository
echo 'deb jessie stable testing' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunohost.list
  1. Update and upgrade the instance
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
  1. Subscribe to this topic to be warned if there is a dangerous bug

N.B. : this testing version is a rolling beta, so your server won’t return automatically in stable mode after the publication.

Giving us feedback or reporting bugs

Please open a ticket on the bug tracker or come chat with us on the dev chatroom !

Return to the stable version

  1. Open a root terminal
sudo -i
  1. Setup the stable repository in place of the testing repository
echo 'deb jessie stable' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunohost.list
  1. Update and upgrade the instance
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

N.B. : your version will only return on stable version after the publication of new stable packages.

Specific items to test

Here are some specific items that you can test

  • install, remove and remove some applications to confirm everything works smoothly, and report any compability issue or unexpected behavior you encounter ;
  • try to backup and remove some application or part of the system ;
  • The debian package ‘resolvconf’ should now be installed, and ‘/etc/resolv.conf’ should point to (i.e. dnsmasq). Please test that DNS resolution works smoothly, using commands like host (should show the IP of wikipedia) ;
  • You can test to reset the admin password using the new script : run yunohost-reset-ldap-password and follow instructions. Then make sure that the administration password have effectively been changed ;
  • Try changing the main domain with yunohost tools maindomain -n The hostname should automatically be changed to the new main domain. You can make sure of this by typing hostname. This should also be the case after a fresh postinstall.
  • yunohost service regen-conf should not show any message such as conf /foo/bar.conf is not managed yet and won't be updated.
  • If you know about app packaging, try the new helpers.

How to contibute to the translation

This beta is also a good occasion to participate to the translation of YunoHost. As any other translation work, you can have fun by translating the various messages and texts into your language, such that non-technical end-user may be able to use YunoHost easily!

Where do I go?

The translation process is ongoing here:
Feel free to create an account to start working!


  • a good translation percentage doesn’t means it’s perfect, a review is always welcomed!
  • do your best to keep the minimum English words so the content is accessible to non-geek and non-technical users,
  • create issues on if you notice errors in English content or approximative content,
  • don’t translate if you’re not a native speaker or at least fluent, or ask someone you know for review, good writing is difficult.

What needs to be translated?

  • The web administration interface (yunohost-admin)
  • The command-line core (moulinette and yunohost)
  • The single sign-on (SSOWat)

See the different projects here :

What’s the status for my language?

See here:

How can I get notified if something changes?

Weblate has many RSS or email alerts possibilities. Please have a look in your profile.

Other ways to contribute

Feel free to check out all the other ways you can contribute to the Yunohost project on this page !


The original post was updated following the (testing) release of Yunohost 2.6.2, Moulinette 2.6.0, SSOwat 2.6.5 and Yunohost-Admin 2.6.0 yesterday.

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We’ve just release a 2.6.8 testing for SSOwat. Following the previous security release, some (small) performance issue occurs so we’ve introduced some caching to avoid that.

For people following the testing you don’t have anything special to do (beside upgrading), just uses the new SSOwat and tells use if you encounter any errors that could be linked to this new behavior :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help <3


is there no ui to use this feature?

Also, the application list is now empty and only has the form to install a custom app

Nope, you could open a ticket to add this feature on next release.[quote=“ark, post:14, topic:2685”]
Also, the application list is now empty and only has the form to install a custom app

Yep, we noticed that. You could also open a ticket before we release 2.6 as stable.

can you open the tickets for me so i dont have to register to another site =\ <= “No application list after fresh install of testing 2.6.2”. (you know, this is the web, you sometimes have to register to some sites…)

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Hi everyone !

We are excited to announce that Yunohost 2.6.3 has been released a few days ago, and we consider it to be a stable release candidate. We are therefore likely to release a stable 2.6.x in a couple of weeks :stuck_out_tongue: !

I updated the description and changelog in the original post. I also added a part with specific items that you can test ! Feel free also to contribute to the translation, so that everybody can enjoy YunoHost in their own native language :kissing_heart: !

Cheers !


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And it sounds like Yunohost 2.6.4 is out since yesterday, isn’t it ? :slight_smile:

The 2.6.4 version :slight_smile:

Yes, the announcement is coming :wink: … Soon :tm:

Edit : it’s there :slight_smile: