YunoHost 11.1 release / Sortie de YunoHost 11.1

I ended up unplugging my server for a couple of hours, replugged it back in and it all worked.

But now I am having the same problem, and unplugging for two hours isn’t a good solution. The update did the same thing, the admin portal worked through a web browser, could not SSH in, restarted it, and now I cannot log into it at all. Connecting it to a screen shows it boots up perfectly, but shutting it down, taking it back downstairs and plugging it back into the router just locks it into itself and I have no way to log into it. The admin portal and SSH do not allow me to sign into it now.

So yes, to answer my own question, I will have this same trouble every time I update.
Those of you who can just press the ‘update’ button and have it all magically work, spare a thought for the rest of us :slight_smile:

:us: Hello everyone,

Successfully migrated my server from 4.x to 11.1 (yes I know I’m a bit late to the party :smile: ). Everything went well, big kudos to the team for such a smooth migration and great work on the new features and the docs + ironing out all the little bugs (esp the R-Pi network at boot issue)! Dark mode for the web UI is realy nice and I love the new app catalog, time to install some more :smile_cat:

Super happy to drop a little something in the donation jar, keep up the good work, we need a nice plateform like Yunohost :+1:

:fr: Salut tout le monde,

Voila j’ai passe mon serveur de la 4.x a la 11.1 (oui je sais je suis long a la detente :smile: ). Tout s’est tres bien passe, un grand merci a toute l’equipe pour tout ce travail, la doc de migration et les petits correctifs (tout particulierement le pb de reseau au boot sur R-Pi)! Le mode sombre de l’interface Web est tres reussi et j’adore le nouveau catalogue des apps, c’est l’heure d’en installer davantage :smile_cat:

C’est avec joie que je pose un petit qqch dans l’urne aux donations, continuez comme cela, nous avons besoin d’une belle plateforme comme Yunohost :+1:

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