YunoCamp / Brique Camp in 2020


Hi everybody :slight_smile:

Will you organize a YunoCamp / Brique Camp this 2020 year?
In August?

Thank you for a link :slight_smile: in the case I miss it :blush:

Have a good day, josé

There’s indeed a will to organize such a YunoCamp / Brique Camp but the Covid19 makes things more complicated …

Imho the ideal thing would be to re-do this @ Fuz in Paris like last year, because it allowed much people to join / visit … but on their side it’s not clear and not easy to say if that’s possible (again because of Covid19)

We can explore other options if some people have a clear plan / place where we could do this (though the more easily accessible the better)

But we should indeed converge sometime soon if we want this to happen during august

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Thank you for this feedback @Aleks/

For August, it is a bit late to organize something on-site.

And what about an online YUNO Camp.

Something like a timetable where some persons who want to share something about YUNOHOST can proposed a speech or a presentation :).
To be mentionned French or English :slight_smile:

B. R. José

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