Yuno pc from normal to grub screen?

My setup:
Yunohost installed on Debian_Buster
Installed on minisforum ‘mini pc’ 4g 64GB eMMC

Problem: Yuno pc Black grub screen.

Do i need a mask to type on the internet now?
I heard there is a new human to internet virus.
But my real problem is about my Yunohost experiment.
I had my host pc turned off for many weeks & turned it back on to only see a ‘grub’ line.
It was normal when i shut it down. Is it my install or
a weird hack. I’m clueless…

I would say first try to restart the computer.

Otherwise Grub rescue appears when the system can’t boot into the OS. It could be due to a disk failure, a corruption, etc.

To try to solve it you can try to follow such guides :


I have the premonition that if i wiped the whole pc & installed a new operating system the grub window would be fixed? Is it possible it’s all in the code on the yuno host system?

It is more likely to be a problem with you disk/corrupted data. In the first case, a new system would not change anything. In the second case, reinstalling the system may solve the issue but you will lost all the data. If I were you, I would boot on a live USB and test the state of my disk with smartctl / fsck to know what is the problem.

i would also suggest trying this Boot Repair ISO if messing around with Grub sounds about as much fun as open heart surgery for you.

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Thankgod for regular people sometimes. I was unable to boot from a usb drive, is that a sure sign of death?

You need to look up the exact model of your computer and figure out how to get into the bios.

It’s usually achieved by hitting F2, F10 or some other F key while booting up.

I did boot from bios to a linux on usb. It stayed in grub.

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