Yu NO more OpenVPN?

So I started from thew beginning as you state some topic about TIPS on installing OpenVPN, only to find-out that it will not install and spits an error about an outdated thing.

1st why yu No do any mention of that on gift hub?


3rd, any alternatives?

Not sure I understand the first two questions, so I’ll answer the 3rd : https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/wireguard_ynh wireguard is nowadays more often recommended than OpenVPN for VPNs. You’re in luck, it’s packaged for yunohost (with a nice web ui)

Not sure what you mean exactly because I don’t know if you’re talking about vpnserver or vpnclient …

  • Vpnclient should work and is available as level 7 app in the catalog - no need to go through github. If the install fails then that’s a bug.
  • Vpnserver is not functional and not available in the app catalog. If you try to install the app using a custom repo, Yunohost at some points warns you that you probably shouldn’t do that. There’s no mention on github because … well … if somebody packages a random app on Github, we can’t force that person to put a big warning saying it’s broken … it’s just that you ain’t really supposed to install random apps from Github in the first place :confused:

Beware though that it’s still flagged as “in progress” and not in the official app catalog either. Technical reason is that it depends on the Kernel 5.x so it’s a bit touchy that installing this app would upgrade your kernel to a new major version :s

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FYI I found an other solution to host my own VPN :wink:

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